She’s Baaaaack!

First practice back with the team. Let’s see how it goes.


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The weather is perfect! Can’t believe I am inside right now. I can feel the sunshine on my back (through the 6th floor window) like a big hug. If it didn’t feel so good, I may actually break down and lower the shade so I could see my computer monitor. Gotta have priorities.


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Although Andie is “out of shape” the truth is very apparent when you try to run with her.  I survived our 1.75 mile jog last night, wheezing and whining…Andie talked the entire time!  As if we were sitting on the patio with drinks and tiny skewered sandwiches.

Boy is 40 a different animal!

I am feeling better now, though.  Controlling the knee pain with pharmaceuticals lets me focus on the real problem…my fitness level.  Yikes I am easily winded!

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Call it a Comeback

Started running with Andie last night. Of course “there’s an app for that”.
I am HURTING today and we were only doing walk/jog intervals. 40 sucks!

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Andie and Stitch

So…Andie had her last followup appointment with Dr. Duff yesterday.  A stitch had sprung up out of the new scar tissue so he got to dig it out :-O 

Apparently that was as WHOLE BUNCH of fun!

She is doing awesome, and can start some more vigorous rehab for her comback tour!

(I think this means I start jogging with her tonight…yikes)

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The banner on this site is a fantastic picture taken by my buddy Ryan. He just got back from a European photo-journey, and I am looking SO forward to seeing his pics!

Photos By

Thanks for letting me use your art, Ryan!

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The eagle has left the nest. Mom flew out early this morning. Sad to see her go, but we will meet up again in a few weeks in Pebble Beach.
Glad she could visit, share the graduation, and party with us for Andie’s birthday.

Thanks mom!


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Playing in Bremerton


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8th Grade Graduation!

We are so proud of Aaron and his Valedictorianship!  Way to go!

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