May 12

Mothers day Presents.

Well I have to confess I’m pretty lame. I didn’t get my wife anything for mothers day. Yes I took her to lunch and later to get dessert but that was it. Thankfully the kids came through and made videos for their mom. I think Stacy liked them and they seemed to take the focus off of what I didn’t do. While they made them for their mom we thought we would share them with you all.

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Apr 30

It’s important to brush!

So tonight we kept hearing water running and Lucy was the only one in the bathroom. She’s to short to reach the handles on the faucet even on the kids’ stool so we were wondering what was going on. This video is what we discovered.

Of course things don’t always go as expected. Sometimes going to such great lengths to brush your teeth can be dangerous as you can see.

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Apr 28

A drink before bed.

Tonight Greyson and Lucy both wanted some milk before bed. After giving them both some they sat on their couch and drank some. Then this “drinking game” started. Stacy finds my response at the end funny and we both think Greyson’s final words are a riot. Never a dull moment in the Westfall house.

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Apr 25

Celebrating Jesus!

We had a blessed Easter week including lots of activities but the best moments were the quiet times we had with our littles talking about the resurrection story. We ordered our own set of Resurrection Eggs and spent several nights going through the story. Lucy had to taste each item as we opened the eggs in case one of them were to be candy. Other highlights included going to an Easter egg hunt with our good friend Kristi K., Easterpalooza at our church, and a special lunch at Tina and Jim’s house. Greyson still has a very special bond with Tina and talks about her all the time. We see her often at church but it is a special treat to spend a whole afternoon with her.

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Mar 21

Baby’s first Tattoo

We find this video hilarious.  Stacy looks over and sees Lucy writing on her baby with a pen.  Stacy tells her to stop.  Then Lucy gets very upset because someone drew all over her baby.  She even tries to clean it off.  Hope you enjoy (yes she’s crying but re-read the why she’s crying, that’s what makes it funny!).

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Feb 01

Tacoma General’s new NICU opening.


Tonight we loaded up and headed to TG for the opening celebration for the new NICU. Greyson was a part of the parade of NICU graduates that led the way to tour the new facility. As a graduate Greyson’s picture is on the wall in this new unit and we think he looks pretty good! It is still amazing to think of just how far God has brought us.

Last night we also had an interesting experience.  Greyson was asking questions about himself.  He wanted to see pictures of himself when he was young.  After looking at a picture of him with a trach, he touched the trach and said “what’s that?”.  “It’s you’re passy” Stacy said.  “but why?”,   “To help you breathe”.  Then Greyson touched his neck and said “but my neck is better now”.

We knew a day would come when he had questions about all he’s been through.  Honestly I didn’t expect them this soon.  Here is a close up of his picture which is now hanging on the NICU wall.  If you look in the bottom right you can see a picture of him from when he was in the NICU.  **Click the photo to see a larger version.


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Jan 31

Olympia Children’s Museum

DSC_0869 DSC_0924 DSC_0847 DSC_0841 DSC_0829

It was so fun to see each of our children exploring and enjoying things at the museum. Lucy was loving crawling through a hollow log, playing in the water with boats, and following her brother around. Greyson was very interested in the animal hospital, the construction zone, the firetruck and the ferry boat. In the animal hospital he and Lucy spent a lot of time giving the animals showers in the big sink, brushing their fur and putting them to bed in their cages. There was a huge slide from the 2nd to 1st floor. Greyson thought it was great but Lucy cried and somehow managed to stop halfway down. Mom had to climb up and rescue her. We were so blessed to see Greyson directing his own play, involving his sister, and engaging all the different activities there. He is growing so much!

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Jan 18

“The Car”

This morning while talking to Lizzy on the phone she mentioned doughnuts. After that Greyson could not stop talking about doughnuts and asking for them. I’m sure if we could understand what Lucy-Jo was saying we would have heard the same thing from her. When we got to Albertson’s to get the doughnut we found an even better surprise awaiting! We were tickled by these kid’s response.

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Dec 30

Some favorite pictures

IMG_3848IMG_3999daddy and lucy sepac christmas 2IMG_3784

Greyson and Lucy-Jo are developing quite a cute relationship.  Greyson is always trying to boss, herd, direct, protect, or tattle on Lucy-Jo.  She in turn is trying to copy everything her big brother does, wants to play with any toy he is playing with, and follows him around like a little puppy.  Just the other day we had quite a laugh when Lucy came trotting into the living room with Greyson’s tube feeding syringe.  She was putting it up to her tummy and then her brother’s tummy.  She also saw Greyson using some earbuds that he had taped to a little play phone and later was trying to put them into her own ears.  Problem was that she was putting the jack end in to her ear instead of the earbuds.  We’ve seen both of the kids “texting” recently, it seems anything can be used for a phone when you need to send a quick text to daddy.

Lucy is building her vocabulary and surprises us with a new work almost everyday.  She can sign please, thank you, bath, milk, and more.  She says mommy, daddy, please, milk, waabaa (bottle), and many other words.  Tonight I asked her if she liked her cheese and she clearly said cheeeeze.

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